Faysal Cali Waraabe”Xildhibaan Dhakool Dembi wayn ayuu Galay”

Guddoomiyaha xisbiga Mucaaradka ah ee UCID Faysal Cali Waare ayaa sheegay in xildhibaan Maxamed Axmed Dhagool oo ku xiran Magaalada Hargeysa uu galay dambi weyn oo ka dhan ah Jiritaanka Somaliland.

Waxaa uu sheegay in uu kasoo horjeestay 18 May oo ah maalintii ay Somaliland ka go’day Soomaaliya inteeda kale, islamarkaana loo baahan yahay in sharciga la marsiiyo.

Faysal Cali Waare ayaa sheegay in soo qabashada xildhibaanka ay aheyd Sharci daro laakiin ay ka weyn tahay dambiga uu galay ee uu kaga soo horjeestay xuska maalintii Somaliland ay ka go’day Soomaaliya inteeda klale.

Xildhibaan Dhakool, oo ka tirsan golaha wakiillada ayaa ka soo horjeestay xuska maalinta 18 May oo uu ku tilmaamay maalin madow, kadibna ciidamada ayaa xiray.

Xildhibaan Maxamed Axmed Dhakool oo ka mid ah Xildhibaanada Somaliland oo labada gacmood xiran ayaa Sabtidii  la horgeeyay Maxkamadda gobolka Maroodi-jeex.

Cabdi Qawdhan Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda gobolka maroodi-jeex , ayaa diiday in uu furo gal dacwadeedka arrinta loo haysto xildhibaanka, maadaama xildhibaanka aan wali laga qaadin Xasaanadda.

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