About Risaala


Radio Risaala, is an independent radio and website based in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Radio Risaala FM radio 102.2 MHZ and a website www.radiorisaala.com was launched on 24 June 2001 (with the name of IQK Radio) to serve for the all-Somali speaking community in east Africa.

During its 18 hours on air (5:00 AM-11:00 PM), Radio Risaala focuses to educate and entertaining and inform the people of Somalia with accurate and truth-based news.

Radio Risaala broadcasts news in its daily and weekly programs those including; entertainment, peace, culture, education, health, sports, economy and politics.

Radio Risaala is not affiliated with any particular group in the country whether it is political party, religious or racism group.

Our Target audience

Following the capacity of our transmitter and the high-quality programs we deliver, Radio Risaala target audiences are increasingly going high day-to-day with the destination of the regions in the southern part of the country. Today our listeners – more than 3 million, live in Mogadishu (16 districts of the Benadir region with almost three million people), Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, and some parts of Bay and Hiiran regions .

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In addition, there are more than 90 countries around the globe that audience could reach us on our live streaming channel on the internet during our 18-hours of broadcasting as we regularly publish all of our content on our website www.radiorisaala.com .

Radio Risaala also intends to extend the listening destination across the country in the near future.


As today’s world becomes a “world of information”, we aspire to become the leader of Somalia media in terms of value, nationwide serving, quality of our employees, and the most updated equipment we use


We believe availing from the experiences of our professional journalists will gain tangible work in the field of journalism, especially in Somalia where there has not been law and order for about two decades.

  • To become the “leading radio” in Somalia has a wide meaning for us, so we are intending to generate the following;-
  • To bring Excellence work in the field of journalism.
  • To serve through unity and professionalism.
  • To provide news, entertainment, and awareness to the Somali-speaking community.
  • To improve the Somali language as its standard and innovate new ways to upgrade it.
  •  We promote restoring peace to the troubled nation of Somalia to help establish a stable environment with a brighter future.
  • We encourage achieving good governance and a democratic system in Somalia.
  • We stand for the voice of the voiceless people and bring out the challenges against vulnerable parties of the society including the women, children, and the minority people in Somalia.
  • We advocate for better human rights and free speech in Somalia.
  • We encourage bonding between Somali people who are scattered around the world.


Radio Risaala airs both weekly and daily programs including political, social, economical, and environmental which do not reflect to the vision of any particular group in Somalia. Radio Risaala gives a free platform to the different segments of society to express their views whether they are politicians or ordinary people.

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Radio Risaala is an independent media organization headquartered in Mogadishu Somalia. Our broadcasting comes through FM 102.2 MHZ and on the internet live streaming www.radiorisaala.com  all over the world. We have the capacity to reach our listeners in Mogadishu (Banadir region), Jowhar, Balcad, Mahaday (Middle Shabelle region), Marka, Barawe, Wanlaweyn, Afgoye, Shalanbood as well as Qoryooley town (Lower Shabelle region) , We are welcoming to use Radio Risaala every time.

Relationship with these Organizations:
 Ergo Radio
 UNOPS Mine Action Programme
 Free Press Unlimited
 and others

Radio Risaala programming hours:

– From 5.00am-11:00p.m

– 7.00am – 7.00pm (most popular hours)


Radio Risaala is based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

El Gab Junction in Hamar Jajab district.

For further information feel free to contact: Managing Director Risaala Media Corporation
Mohamed Abdiwahab:

Director  Risaala Media Corporation Mohamed Abdiwahab
Director Risaala Media Corporation Mohamed Abdiwahab

Cellphone: +252 615 550138 /
+252 699701912

Email: [email protected] ,[email protected],