Airstrike Kills Six IS Terrorists In Northern Somalia: U.S. Military

The United States military said Wednesday it conducted an airstrike against Islamic State (IS) terrorists in northern Somalia on Tuesday, killing six militants. The U.S. Africa Command (Africom) which oversees American troops on the African continent said the latest strike was conducted in cooperation with Somali government targeting terrorists in the Golis Mountains.

“Currently, we assess no civilians were injured or killed as a result of this airstrike. Our process and procedures allow for additional information to inform post-strike analysis,” Africom said in a statement.

Golis Mountains are a known area for terrorist camps and ongoing fighting between the two terrorist groups. Pro-IS militants split from Al-Shabaab in October 2015 and later occupied Qandala, a key location in Bari Region under Puntland State Administration in northern Somalia since 2016.

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