Southwest State Declares That It Has Suspended Cooperation With Pm Rooble On Election Issues

The Government of the South West declares that the decision of the Prime Minister to suspend members of FEIT is illegal and violates the decisions and agreements reached by the National Consultative Forum.

The Southwest State will never accept the reckless behavior of PM Roble who has in recent days repeatedly violated the independence of the Electoral Commissions.

The PM has kidnapped members of FEIT and while hiding behind them illegally withhold 3 seats from the SWS with no reasons. SWS considers such a move to be politically motivated and has made it very clear that it rejects this blatant attack aimed at derailing the electoral process.

The SWS shares with the Somali people and the international community that it has suspended cooperation with PM effective immediately on electoral matters, and reiterates that it has lost trust to his leadership as he has repeatedly demonstrated to be reckless and irresponsible. SWS strongly believes that the process needs to be rescued considering that he is an obstacle to the execution and finalization of the election.

The SWS is taking every step to uphold the rule of law and is fully committed to invigorate the federal system agreed upon by Somalis, and  holds the  PM responsible for the disruption and the delay of the elections.