Somali society hosts community meeting to help newcomers

Members of the Somali Canadian Cultural Society put on a community information session to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada.

The society invited school principals to the session to explain how Edmonton’s school systems work and how parents can assist with their child’s education.

Organizer Jibril Ibrahim explained: “the community is a new community and they need to know a lot of information about the school systems. They may have questions about understanding the laws and the police.”

Deputy Chief Brian Simpson of the Edmonton Police Service was on hand to share how policing services work.

Simpson said sometimes newcomers can be fearful of officers.

“Their experience with police, government has not been positive and because of the turmoil they have in their previous life, it does impact their thought process, understandably. It’s a piece we have to work for, we recognize it as a challenge.”

Politicians representing Mill Woods also attended Saturday’s meeting at Leefield Hall, including councillor Moe Banga, MLA Christina Gray and MP Amarjeet Sohi.

They discussed how they can be of service to the newcomers and what roles they each play in the community.