Shiinaha oo ka aargutay Mareykanka

Shiinaha ayaa maanta sheegay inay canshuur kusoo rogi doonaan badeecadaha dalkaas looga soo dhoofiyo Mareykanka, oo qiimahoodu dhan yahay 60 bilyan oo dollar, laga billaabo 1-da June.

Tallaabada Shiinaha ayaa u muuqata aargudasho kadib markii Washington ay ku dhowaaqday canshuur ka dhan ah ku dhowaad dhammaan badeecadaha laga keeno Shiinaha.

Beijing ayaa canshuurta saari doonta badeecado Mareykan oo dhowr ah, waxayna u dhaxeysa 5 illaa 25%, sida lagu sheegay bayaan kasoo baxay Guddiga Siyaasadda Canshuuraha ee Golaha Qaranka Shiinaha.

Hadalka kasoo baxay Shiinaha ayaa yimid kadib markii wareegii ugu dambeeyey ee wada xaajoodyada ganacsiga ee labada dal ee ugu dhaqaalaha badan caalamka ay dhammaadeen Jimcihii ayada oo aan heshiis la gaarin.

Madaxweynaha Mareykanka, Donald Trump, ayaa jimcihii kordhiyey canshuurta la saaro badeecadaha laga soo dhoofiyo dalka Shiinaha, oo qiimahoodu yahay 200 oo bilyan dollar. Canshuurta oo ahayd 10% ayaa hadda la gaarsiiyey 25%.

Jawaabta Shiinaha ee maanta ayaa timid kadib markii Trump uu maanta uga digay Beijing inaysan aar-gudan.

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