Galmudug oo beenisay in khilaaf soo gala dhex galay

Sheekh Maxamed Shaakir Cali Xasan Madaxa xukuumada Galmudug ayaa beeniyay in khilaaf u soo kala dhax galay madaxda ugu sareysa Galmudug xilli maalmihi ugu dambeysay ay soo baxayeen warar sheegayay in uu khilaaf soo gala dhex galay Madaxweyne Xaaf iyo Madaxdii Ahlusunna ee Galmudug ku biiray

Waxaa uu xusay in warkaas uu yahay mid been abuur ah islamrkaana ay faafiyeen sida uu hadalka u dhigay Dad ka soo horjeeda midnimada Galmudug.

Waxaa sheegay in ay la xisaabtami doonaan cidii ka dambeysay faafinta Warkaasi Beenta ah.

Shaakir ayaa tilmaamay hadda ay tahay markii ugu horeysay oo ay si wada jir ah u wada shaqeyaan hogaanka Galmudug lagana soo gudbay wixii khilaaf ah.

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