Fadeexadii Gilgishay England Markii Uu John Terry Gogol Dhaaf La Sameeyay Gabar Ay Saaxiibo Ahaayeen

Muran kama taagna inay aheyd mid ka mid ah qiyaanadii ugu weyn ee dhacda taariikhda kubada cagta.

Ilaa iyo 2010, John Terry waxaa loo arkayay xiddig lagu daydo, aabo, iyo saaxiib. Laakiin taasi waxay aheyd ka hor inta aysan warbaahinta daboolka ka qaadin sirtiisa aadka u xumeyd.

Bishii Janaayo 2010, wargeysyada Ingariiska ayaa daabacay war gilgilay kubada cagta England, John Terry oo xaas ay u tahay Tony Poole, aabana u ah labo caruur ah ayaa gogol dhaaf la sameeyay Vanessa Perroncel.

Hadaba waa tuma inantaas? Waxaa saaxiib la ahaa xiddigii ay John Terry saaxiibta dhow ahaayeen isku kooxna ahaayeen ee Wayne Bridge. Waxay aheyd qiyaano midii ugu sareysay ee uu ku sameeyay xaaskiisa iyo saaxiibkiisa.

Laakiin sidee ayay arintaan ku dhacday? John Terry iyo Wayne Bridge waxa ay Chelsea kawada ciyaarayeen intii u dhaxeysay 2003 ilaa 2009, John Terry iyo xaaskiisa Tony, Wayne Bridge iyo saaxiibtiisa Vanessa ayaa inta badan si wadajir ah ugu caweyn jiray London. Waxay isla aadi jireen mar walba casho.

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