Xiisadda Mareykanka iyo Iran oo xoogeysatay

Iran ayaa maanta ku eedeysay Mareykanka kasii darista “aan la qabli karin” ee xiisadda ka dhex oogan labada dhinac, waxayna sheegtay in Tehran ay muujineyso is-xakameyn, inkasta oo Washington ay ka baxday heshiiska Nukliyeer.

Xiisadda labada dhinac ayaa cirka isku shareertay kadib markii toddobaadyadii dhowaa Mareykanka ay maraakiibta xambaara diyaaradaha dagaalka, iyo diyaaradaha bambooyinka culus qaada ee B-52 geeyeen Khaliijka, ayaga oo tuhmayo halis kasoo socota Iran.

“Xiisadda kasii dareysa ee Mareykanka waa mid aan la aqbali karin” Waxaa sidaas yiri wasiirka arrimaha dibeddda Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif oo wada-hadallo u jooga dalka Japan.

“Waxaan muujinay is-xakameyn, inkasta oo Mareykanka ay ka baxeen heshiiska Nukliyeer” ayuu yiri Zarif.

Wasiirka arrimaha dibedda Iran ayaa sheegay in Tehran ay ka go’an tahay inay heshiiska ay sii waddo, islamarkaana qiimeyn la sameeyey ay muujineyso in Iran ay u hoggaansameyso heshiiska.

Hadalka Zarif ayaa yimid maalin kadib markii wasaaradda arrimaha dibedda Mareykanka ay ku amartay dhammaan shaqaalaheeda laga maarmi karo inay ka baxaan safaaradeeda Baghdad iyo qunsuliyadda Arbil ee dalka Iraq, xilli ay sare usii kaceyso xiisadda ka dhex oogan Mareykanka iyo Iran, taasi oo sare usii qaaday cabsi dagaal.

Si kastaba Trump ayaa sheegay inuu rumeysan yahay in Iran ay dooneyso in wada-xaajood ay la gasho Mareykanka, sida ugu dhaqsiyaha badan.

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