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Somali Forces Shoot and Kill Iranian Sailor in Indian Ocean


Somali regional officials say the Iranian captain of a fishing boat was killed and another sailor was injured after security forces opened fire during an operation in the Indian Ocean.

Officials said the shooting occurred after Puntland Maritime Police Forces spotted two boats suspected to be fishing illegally Friday in Somali waters.

Colonel Mohamed Abdi Hashi of Puntland police told VOA Somali the two boats ignored orders to stop and attempted to escape.

“Our security forces were conducting an operation on October 6, they encountered two illegal fishing boats off Ras Hafun coast. When they tried to stop them in order to check their permits they escaped,” he said.

“They managed to seize one of the boats, the other one escaped.”

Colonel Hashi said during the shooting captain Haydar Abdalla Sabiil of the vessel Al-Sa’idi was killed and a second sailor was injured, 16 others are unharmed and were apprehended, he said.

The boat carrying the sailors have arrived at Bosaso port for questioning. The boat is carrying two tons of fish illegally caught in Somali waters, officials said.

“The boat is now docked at Bosaso port, the body of the captain is in the freezer of the boat, and according to the law we transferred the case to the courts.”

Officials did not release the name of the dead sailor.