Sarkaal ka tirsanaa Ciidamada Puntland oo lagu dilay Boosaaso

Faah faahino dheerad ah ayaa kasoo baxaya dil Magalada Boosaaso ee Xarunta ganacsiga Puntland loogu geystay sarkaal ka tirsanaa Ciidamada sida gaarka ah u tababaran ee kumaandoosta Puntland ee loo yaqaano (PMPF).

Sarkaal la dilay oo lagu Magacaabi jiray Xasan Mire jaceyl ayaa ka dhacay taliska ciidamada (PMPF). Ee duleedka Boosaaso,waxaana la sheegay in uu dilay askari ka tirsanaa Ciidamada, kadib khilaaf soo kala dhex galay.

Dilka kadib Ciidamada Puntland ee Saldhigaasi ku sugan ayaa la xaqiijiyey inay Gacanta ku dhigeen Askariga dilka u geystay Sarkaalka ka tirsanaa Ciidamada Dowlad goboleedka Puntland gaar ahaan kuwa Kumaandoosta.

Saraakiil ka tirsan Ciidamada Puntland ayaa waxaa ay sheegeen in askariga dilka u geystay sarkaalka dhawaan Maxkamad la horgeyn doono,isla markaana ay gacanta ku hayaan.

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