Maxay tahay sababta loo xiray baraha bulshada dalka Eritrea?

Dowladda Eritrea ayaa ku dhawaaqday in ay xirtay Baraha bulshadda ka dib markii la dareemay cabsi ku aadan Banaanbaxyo ka dhan ah Madaxweynaha dalkaasi oo talada hayay Mudda dheer.

Baraha bulshada ayaa laga xiray dalka Eritrea, dadka ayaana fariimo ka soo diraya dalkaas iyaga oo adeegsanaya adeegga VPN-ka loo yaqaanno.

Dareenka ka dhashay isbadal la’aanta siyaasadeed ee Eritrea ayaa sii xoogaysanaya, xisbiga kali ah ee dalkaas ka jira ee madaxweyne Isaias Afwerki ayaa dalkaas hoggaaminayay tan iyo markii uu dalkaasi xoriyadda qaatay sannadkii 1993-dii.

Website-ka wax ka qora arrimaha internetka ee Internet World Stats ayaa sheegay in Eritrea ay tahay dalka ugu internet isticmaal yar dunida oo dhan.

Sannadkii 2018, 71,000 oo ruux ayaa internet ka isticmaali jiray, dadkaas ayaana bulshada Eritrea ka noqonaya 1.3%.

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