Kooxda Bayern Munich oo lacag farabadan ku dooneysa Leroy Sané

Kooxda Kubadda Cagta ee Bayern Munich ayaa xilligaan doon dooneysa Ciyaaryahanka reer Germany iyo kooxda Manchester City ee Leroy Sané,kaas oo maalmahaan siweyn loo hadal haayey,kadib doon doonista Bayern Munich.

Wargeyska “Mirror” ayaa daabacay in Bayern Munich loo ogolaaday inay wadahadallo la gasho Wakiilada Ciyaaryahanka si ay ugu guuleysato Kooxda Ciyaarayahanka Xilli ciyaareedkaan lagu guda jiro.

Kooxda ka shisan dalka Jarmalka ee Bayern Munich  ayaa dooneysa bedelka labada Ciyaaryahan ee Franck Ribéry iyo Arjen Robben si ay u sii hormariso guulaha ay gaareyso Kooxdaasi,,isla markaana saxiixa Ciyaaryahan Leroy Sané uu meel wanaagsan marayo.

Bayern ayaa diirada u saarisay 23 jirka kooxda Manchester City ee Leroy Sané, kaddib markii ay isaga hareen raacdada ay ugu jireen soo xero galinta ciyaaryahanka reer Ivory Coast ee Nicolas Pépé.

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