Roobab saameeyay labo milyan oo ruux

Ugu yaraan shan ruux ayaa dhimatay kumannaan kalana way go’doonsan yihiin ka dib markii ay roobabkii ugu awood badnaa abid ka da’een koonfurta Shiinaha, sida ay masuuliyiintu sheegeen.

Boqollaal guri iyo kumannaan hektar oo dalag ah ayuu roobku baabi’iyay, waxaana lagu wadaa in roobabkaasi ay sii socdaan maalmo badan.

In kabadan labo milyan oo ruux ayuu saameeyay, waddooyinka iyo buundooyinkii ayayna waxyeelo ballaaran soo gaartay, sida ay ku warrantay warbaahinta dawladda.

Gobolka Guizhou magaalo dhan ayay biyuhu labo mitir ka kormareen.

Dhinacyada kalana waaxda qaabilsan arrimaha saadaasha hawada ayaa sheegay in roobabka ka da’ay gobollada koonfureed ee Jiangxi iyo Hunan in ay meeshii ugusarraysay gaareen bisha Juunyo.

Jiangxi oo kali ah 150,000 oo guryahoodii laga daadgureeyay ka dib markii ay daadad xoog leh ku dhufteen sagaal magaalo.

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