KDF troops offer free medical services in efforts to rebuild Somalia

The medical camp was put up at the town’s health centre amid fears of risks of water-borne diseases after heavy rains.

The residents, who turned up in masses, received treatment while some showed up for routine check-ups.

The area was hit by a cholera scare prompting the KDF troops to move in swiftly to mitigate the situation.

During the medical camp, three cases of cholera were confirmed.

“The troops have put necessary measures to avoid further spread,” KDF said in a statement.

Ahmed Abdullahi, a father of three, was in tears as his three-year-old received treatment.

The diabetic narrated how his wife died during an al Shabaab attack. He also received treatment at the camp.

He lauded the security personnel for providing moral support through counselling and the follow-up treatment sessions.

As part of building back the community that has been affected by al Shabaab attacks in the past, KDF said the troops will continue to engage with residents to ensure that normalcy returns to the area.

In the spirit of Ramadhan, the troops also donated assorted food items to the locals.

In appreciation, area councilman Sheikh Noor Mohammed invited the troops to join the villagers during Iftar.