Somaliland hits back at Somalia over Guinea diplomatic row

Somaliland has hit back at Somalia for what it termed at the latter’s bullying of her international friends.

This comes in the wake of Somalia’s decision to cut ties with Guinea who are currently hosting the President of Somaliland Musa Bihi on official visit following an invitation by Guinea’s President Alpha Conde.

The Somalia government says it see the invitation of the Somaliland leader to Guinea as an “egregious violation the Sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Somalia”.

This coming just a week after Somalia hit at Kenya after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nairobi published a tweet that seemingly recognized the self-proclaimed independent Republic of Somaliland.

Subsequently, Somalia’s foreign ministry summoned Kenya’s ambassador and presented him a note of protest about the “offensive tweet”.

“We consider this tweet an affront to Somalia’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity as well as harmful to the relationship between Somalia and Kenya,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

A statement from Somaliland foreign affairs ministry stated: “Somalia government current frosted diplomatic relationship with the international community is causing it to continue making clueless decisions and complaints against Somaliland engagements.”

“The ongoing complaint and bullying of Guinea government is a preemptive action to scare other countries such as Kenya from engaging Somaliland. The International community should ignore the complaints and continue to engage Somaliland which is a fully fledged democracy with its president and legislature elected by popular vote. The current and previous presidents of Somaliland have engaged and continue to engage with other foreign countries at the highest level,” stated the statement.