Zinedine Zidane oo shax cusub u dejiyay kooxdiisa Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane ayaa ku jira hawlgal wayn oo uu ku doonayo sidii uu Real Madrid dib ugu soo celin lahaa halkii ay ku lahayd horyaalka La Liga iyo Champions League.

Kadib markii ay Real Madrid soo qaadatay xili ciyaareed musiibo ah oo ay koob la’aan iyo ceebo badani iskugu darsameeyeen ayaa Zidane dib loogu soo celiyay Santiago Bernabeu si uu kooxda u samata bixiyo.

Laakiin Zidane ayaa doonaya in isbadal wayn laga sameeyo kooxda si uu ula tartami karo kooxda Barcelona oo  koobka horyaalka La Liga ku soo guulaystay labadii xili ciyaareed ee ugu danbeeyay.

Waxa kale oo uu Zidane doonayaa in uu soo celiyo mucjisadiisii tartanka Champions League inkasta oo uu marka hore u baahan yahay in uu soo dhiso koox uu koobka ugu tartami karo.

Hoos Ka Daawo Shaxda Cusub uu tababare Zinedine Zidane u dejiyay kooxdiisa Kooxdiisa.

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